Blind Date


I suck.

How, how, could I have let her talk me into it? People like me do not go on blind dates. It's just…wrong. I mean, what if the guy's a murderer? Or a rapist? Or how about plain old freak?

What the hell is wrong with me?

The doorbell rang. I stomped angrily all the way to the door, and opening it, with a scowl plastered on my face. Great way to greet a person, huh? But this wasn't any person. It was Sera. She is horrible. Also my best friend, but yeah, horrible. You see, she's the one who talked me into this 'blind date' nonsense. And I actually got talked into it.

"I am not going," was the first thing I said to her.

She was probably expecting that. She rolled her eyes, and said, 'relax, Zia. I know the guy. Properly, okay? He's not a freaking rapist or something. Trust me.'

"NO." Okay, so I was acting stubborn. Sue me.

"Well, too bad," she said. "Hey, you look great. He'll love it."

I raised my eyebrow. "I don't even know who he is. You know what, call him up and tell him that I don't wanna go. Say I'm busy or something. Because I changed my mind – I'm not going."

"Yes, you are. Look, it's all planned. The guy will meet you there; you already know the table number. He has black hair. Okay? Not that hard." It was very hard. Very, very, hard. She didn't have to make small talk with some random guy, so it was probably easier for her.

"But well…I dunno; what if I get the wrong guy?" I know, I know. Fat chance of that happening. I mean, not everyone out there went on blind dates. It was probable that it would only be the both of us there.

"Yeah…okay,' said Sera, rolling her eyes again.

"Anyway, enough chit-chat for now. Off you go," she said with a wave of her hand. Yeah, she was kicking me out of her own house.

Instead of saying anything, I chose to give her one of those fake smiles, the ones everyone hates. The ones you get from those people who pretend they like you. Thos ones are the worst. She, however, saw all through that, and gave me one right back. Humph.

I got into my car, and closed the door with a slam. It was until I was there when I realized that I still didn't catch his name. I smacked my forehead with my palm.

Okay, okay, I told myself, taking a deep breath, it's not that bad.

So what, I didn't know the guy's name. Big deal. It was a blind date, anyway. At least I knew the table number. It was eleven…no wait…ten. Uh…or was it eleven?

Oh crap.

I took in a deep breath. To any random person on the street, I was probably looking like some moron who lost her way. I mean, here I was, standing outside a restaurant, taking deep breaths.

I shook my head to myself, and walked into the restaurant. I glanced from one corner to the other. I wasn't sure if it was table ten or eleven, so I looked at both of them.

Hmm. Table eleven was empty. Okay, that probably wasn't it. I mean, it was probably reserved for some family who wanted to go out for a nice dinner. Like normal people.

My eyes shifted to table ten. Ah. There was one guy there. I couldn't really see his face properly. Yeah, it had to be him. Plus, he had black hair.

I slowly walked over to table ten, suddenly feeling self conscious.

"Hi," I said uncertainly, unsure of what to do what my hands.

His eyes flew up and he stood up. Great, the guy was like seven inches taller than me. I look up.

"You're very tall," I informed him.

He grinned, and I took the time to notice how he looked now. Sera never told me how striking this guy was. First of all, he was incredibly tall. And lean. He had black, messy hair and a gorgeous smile.

"You must be Zee," he said.

"It's Zia, actually," I said.

He frowned. "Really? Oops, sorry."

Oh god. I could tell; this was going to be awkward. What if we didn't have anything in common? This was going to be bad.

'Are you serious?' I asked incredulously.

Cedric nodded. Oh, I found out his name, by the way. And, contradictory to what I was thinking all along, I could definitely get along with him.

"That's so weird. Do people even do that?" I asked, shuddering.

"Apparently, that guy does. Hey, I had to be his roommate, okay? Feel sad for me," he said, grinning.

"Yikes. I wonder how you did it."

"I know. I deserve a Nobel. Although, I had to switch rooms after around two weeks."

"Really? I don't exactly blame you."

He nodded again. A waiter approached our table.

"Excuse me, sir," he said and turned to me with a bow, "madam." I nodded and smiled. That's one thing I like about these rip-off restaurants. They were shockingly polite.

"I'm sorry; but the restaurant is closing down now."

I blinked, and looked at my watch. Crap! It was nearly one.

"Of course," said Cedric, nodding, "we'll be right out."

The waiter left. "Oops," I said laughingly.

"I think we should go before they kick us out."

He took my by the hand after paying the bill and led me out. We starting walking with no particular destination, and our conversation about his weird roommate continued. Then we switched topics to toasts. I was pretty sure my toasts were better, and I told him so. He didn't think so.

Finally, we got back.

"I guess I'm going to go now. It's already two," I said, with an apologetic smile.

"Do you need me to drop you home?" he asked.

"Nope, my car's right here," I said, pointing to the car opposite us.

He took my hand and kissed it. It was such an old fashioned gesture that I nearly melted right there.

"You have my number, right?" I asked him. He nodded. I had his as well, so it was all good.

I got into my car, that stupid grin refusing to leave my face.

The next morning, my doorbell rang.

I yawned and opened it, to find a guilty looking Sera looking at me. She walked in and sat on my couch. I frowned, wondering what went wrong.

"Hey…?" I said unsurely.

"I am so sorry,' she said hurriedly. 'I know, I know, you wanna kill me, right? Well, feel free to do so. I am an awful person."

"Sera, what are you talking about?" I asked her, confused.

"About last night," she explained.

That irritating grin made its way back. "I actually wanted to say thanks. I'm sorry I didn't trust you."

Sera frowned. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Last night," I said, "the guy, Cedric. He was so interesting. And damn, he was gorgeous."

Sera got up. "Who's Cedric?" she asked slowly.

"Oh, very funny," I said, rolling my eyes. So immature.

"Zia, I got a call from James. You know; the guy you were supposed to meet at table eleven? He couldn't make it because of a family emergency." James? Table eleven?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Table eleven?" Suddenly, everything was making sense. Table eleven was empty. It remained empty throughout our meal. Wait a second…who the hell was Cedric?

"Oh my god, oh my god," I breathed, "are you telling me….I went on a date with the wrong guy?"

That's why Cedric got my name wrong! He was probably on the wrong date as well.

Oh. Crap.

"You went on a date with the wrong guy? What do you mean?" asked Sera, in a high pitched voice.

"I don't know," I said, really fast, "I mean, I went there, and table eleven was empty, so I figured it had to be table ten, ya know? And there was a guy with black hair there, an insanely gorgeous guy, who called me 'Zee', but I didn't make much of it, since Zia's close to Zee. Oh my god, he was probably on a blind date as well; I don't think his date showed up either. And we both spent forever there, not even realizing we were with the wrong people!"

Now was probably a good time to freak out.

"Well, was he some sort of freak?" asked Sera.

"No, he wasn't," I replied, in a high pitched voice as well (that's what normally happens to us women when we freak out); "he was a bloody chivalrous gentleman! I really liked him!"

"Well, what're you gonna do? Do you have his number?" asked Sera shrilly.

"Yeah…I guess I'm just going to call him…and I'll see what happens from there. Go with the flow, I guess."

But Sera stopped me before I could dial his number.

"Go with the flow?" she asked incredulously. "NO! You are going to have a plan, okay? Do you wanna see this guy again?"

"Yeah," I said, sighing, "I really do."

"Well," said Sera, "what if they guy doesn't know he went out with the wrong person?"

"I'm pretty sure he knows," I said.

"Call him. Tell him you wanna meet him in, like, fifteen minutes. Once you meet him, well, you'll be able to tell if he knows or not. If he doesn't know, all the better for you. If he does, well then, figure out something."

"That's the worst plan ever. As in, ever."

I have no idea why I actually did what she said.

I impatiently drummed my fingers on my knees, still sitting on the swing, waiting for Cedric to show. Oh, there he was.

He jogged his way to where I was, and said, "Hey listen, we need to talk."

That would probably hurt if we were going out. Sad thing was, we did need to talk. So he knew. Hmm.

"Yeah, we do," I said, nodding.

"Yesterday, I was supposed to on a blind date with someone named Zee," he explained. "I thought I got the name wrong. Turns out, I didn't."

"Yeah, I was supposed to go out with some dude named James. Guess I got the wrong person as well."

"So we both went out with the wrong people, huh?" he asked, while I stood up.

"I guess we did," I said.

Oh no. This was probably it.

"So…what are we going to do?"

"Honestly?" I asked, nibbling my lower lip, which is something I do when I'm nervous. "I'm not sure." I know what I wanted to do. But I didn't exactly voice that out.

"The funniest thing is," he said quietly, "I'm glad Zee didn't show up."

That, now that, got me astounded. I looked up and frowned.

"And I'm glad," he continued, "James didn't show up either."

"You are?" I asked, in a whisper.

"I'm also glad," he went on, "that I met you in the craziest way possible."

He brushed a thumb over my cheekbone, leaned down, and lightly brushed his lips against mine.

"So, that's it?" I asked. "It's kind of like a 'let James and Zee' go to hell kind of a thing?"

He grinned, and interlaced our fingers. "Indeed."

A/N – Is this too cheesy? Haha…I have no idea where I got this idea from. It's actually a scary thought; going on a blind date with the wrong person.


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