A/N: This is the prologue to a much longer story I'm in the process of writing. I just wanted to get a reaction to it and see if I should continue.


I walked into the student lounge, keeping my head down and ergo avoiding having to meet anyone in the eyes. Stopping by the counter, I silently plucked a textbook form from the pile and began filling it out. All I wanted to do was get in, fill out my forms as quickly as possible, and get out.

Making the mistake of glancing up, I noticed that the boy on the other side of the counter, the one helping people with their forms, was extremely good looking. My cheeks began to burn for no reason at all, other than the fact that he was attractive. Shit. Keep your head down, Sadie, just keep your head down.

I continued filling out my form in silence, shaking my head when Mr. Hotness asked if I needed any help. I heard footsteps and suddenly felt a presence beside me. Made the mistake of looking up at the visitor. He put Mr. Hotness to shame. Cue deeper blush.

"Hey, Derek, what's up man?" So that was Mr. Hotness's name. The boy next to me shook hands with Derek before grabbing a textbook form for himself.

"I'm pretty good, Evan. What about you?"

"Ah, I can't complain," Evan replied as he began filling out his forms.

Evan and Derek conversed for a few more moments before Derek excused himself and went to help some confused Freshmen with their forms. I felt slightly proud of myself for not needing any help even though I was a Freshman.

I snuck a glance over at Evan, casually leaning against the counter. Tanned skin, toned body. Don't drool. My eyes traveled down his body, but stopped at his crotch. I tried not to laugh, and basically succeeded because he didn't notice anything. His fly was undone. I guess no one can be perfect.

I spent the next few seconds debating whether or not to tell him, and finally went with my gut and told him. There was no reason to let him walk around like that and embarrass himself.

"Umm," I finally managed to get out. "Your fly is undone."

I could see the smile from his profile, but he didn't look up from his paperwork. "Yes, I know." His voice never faltered and his face didn't flush. In no way, shape, or form was he embarrassed.

A beat passed, and I found myself staring at his crotch. Shaking my head, I returned my gaze to his eyes. "A-Aren't you going to fix it?"

"Why?" He finally looked up, eyes sparkling as they met mine. "Am I tempting you?"

My entire face blanched, palms became sweaty, and I nearly choked on my own saliva. My reaction caused him to laugh. Eyes wide, I shook my head fiercely and dropped my head, trying to burn a hole in my paperwork with the intensity of my stare.

The boy laughed again, and I heard the sound of papers crinkling as he collected his textbook forms and began to walk away. "Catch you later, Ducky!" He threw back over his shoulder and it took a minute before I realized that he was talking to me. I looked up and stared at his retreating back. Ducky?

It was not until five minutes later when I was walking back to my own dorm, mind still flitting over details of my strange encounter, that I realized the source of his nickname. Glancing down at my shirt, I saw a large, yellow rubber duck imprinted on the chest. I couldn't help but blush slightly at the shirt I had chosen to wear on my first, official day of college. I blushed again, right there in the middle of the sidewalk, and couldn't hold back a smirk, thinking of my new nickname.


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