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In between

I see your face,

There is something out of place.

I find a gateway to your heart,

But it has been torn apart.

There is a look in your eyes of despair and pain,

I wish to never see again.

Thoughts of me fill your dreams,

As I walk in between.

Purgatory is an awful place to be,

To have to watch your loved ones grieve.

I wish to hold you close, my dear,

I've never been so far and near.

I watch you cry each day,

And long to take this pain away.

There is a longing which goes unseen,

As I walk in between.

I see your face, one last time,

As I walk across the line.

I will watch you from above,

For you are my one true love.

Move on, eventually,

And think of me occasionally.

But for now let fill your dreams,

As I leave the in between.