"You're mine." He growled.

"I'm yours, Sir." She smiled up at him as he lay beside her on the bed. Her naked body was stretched before him, a pale, creamy feast. It was early morning and they lay there, naked, as the first rays of sunshine streamed through the window. His fingers grazed her soft flesh and he smiled at her breathy sigh. "Yours to do whatever you want with, Sir," she purred, her body stirring beneath his touch.

"Whatever I want?" He raked his nails down the length of her body, and he smiled as she moaned and trembled.

"Oh yes Sir!" she breathed.

He shifted himself on top of her, kissing and nibbling her soft skin. She sighed and moaned as his mouth drew her nipple into its warmth and his teeth scrapped against it. He suckled the first one hard before trailing kisses across her chest and encompassing the second nipple with his mouth. He could feel her body melt against his as he ran his nails down her smooth belly, feel the heat radiating from her as he parted her legs and pressed his hand against her wet pussy. His lips trailed down her stomach, and he felt her tremble with anticipation. He paused, lapping at the sensitive skin of her side before opening his mouth and clamping down hard. She squealed as he bit down on her side, the intensity of the pain bringing tears to her eyes. He shifted his body and bit her a little lower, a little harder. Her body stiffened as she resisted the urge to twist herself away from him.

"That hurts!" She gasped.

"I know," he grinned, moving down her body to bite the front of her thighs. Her scream was replaced by a choked breath as his hand came down hard, smacking the fresh bite. Again and again he bit her, each time hitting the aching skin that was still searing with pain. Tears came streaming down her cheeks as she tried to process the relentless onslaught. He pinned her to the bed, biting her stomach, her breasts, her shoulders, every inch of her body. His fingers pinched her sensitive flesh, drawing out screams of pain and ecstasy. There was no time to process, no time to absorb the pain. Each bite, slap, and pinch was proceeded by another before she could even cry out. She thrashed beneath him, trying to escape. Each twist presented a new patch of skin for him to torture.

She couldn't think, only feel. Her body was overwhelmed by the instinct to protect herself, so she rolled over onto her stomach, hiding her sore body from him. However, his teeth continued to scrap and clamp down on the ample amount of new skin now available to him. His fingers dung painfully into her hips, pinning her down as he bit the sweet spot at the curve of her ass. She screamed out in pain.

"It's too much, Sir," she sobbed, "It hurts too much!"

"What? This?" He bit the other cheek now, grinding his teeth into her flesh as tears trickled down her beautiful face.

"Please, Sir, no more. It hurts too much!"

He moved down her right leg, pinching and biting her thigh as she screamed and begged him to stop. "You know what to say to make me stop," he growled, pressing his finger hard into her thigh on the exact spot he had just bitten her.

The pain shot through her and her body shuddered with hard sobs. She could safe word, and she knew it. She could end it all with just one little word. She opened her mouth, but she couldn't bring herself to say it. Deep down she knew that she had no desire to stop him.

He watched her struggle with herself and it made him swell with pride and desire. He knew he was pushing her harder and further than he had ever pressed her before, but he could feel her control leaving her body, washed away by her tears and her helplessness. He bent down and bit her sensitive thigh again, clamping down hard as she screamed and twisted beneath him.

"Please stop Sir, I can't take any more!" She begged, her whole body heaving with pain and tears. He held her there, pinching her sore thigh. Her body grew limp beneath his hands as she shook and sobbed. She felt completely and truly helpless, more than she had ever been in her life. Desperately she wanted the pain to stop, but she wanted to serve him, to please him, to fulfill his desires. It that moment she knew--she knew she was more completely his than she had ever imagined. It was a heady feeling, and even through her haze of pain she knew that she truly was his to do whatever he wanted with her.

He was stroking her thigh, pressing against the tender skin. "I'm going to bite you right here again, okay?" She sobbed harder—the flesh was sore from his previous bites which would make the next bite hurt even more. "Yes, Sir," she whimpered. He smiled, and as his head dipped down towards her skin she steeled herself for the pain. Instead he placed a soft kiss upon her thigh before collecting her sobbing, shuddering body in his arms. "My beautiful girl, your willingness is enough for me." He stroked her gently as she sobbed a grateful "thank you".

He lapped at the tears running down her face as his fingers skimmed her tortured skin. She shuddered with pleasure—the sensation of the soft touch across her throbbing skin filling her with exquisite pleasure. She clung to him, reveling in his touch and the realization that she was completely and truly his.