A Long Awaited Meeting

"I've wasted a lot of time looking for you… almost found you once."

The man pulled his foot back in hope to flee. Fear changed his composure and the confident thing he had been before was becoming transparent. "Wha – Why?" He furrowed a brow and with some blossomed courage he asked with command. "Who the hell are you?"

"I turned away then. I guess I'd been afraid and it kept me from actually following it through." Heavy boots moved forward a couple paces and she lifted her chin, rim of the distinguished hat no longer obscuring her features in shadow, and as the strong but scarce light hit her eyes they reflected a sharp haunting green, fixed only on him.

His expression changed once more and he recognized the touch of the monster he knew, in his opinion, very well. And with it he knew exactly who he was looking at. It'd been… twenty or so years. "Y-you!" Then it was that one could see true fear take his form, envelope every manner, every detail in his being. For to him it was as though he faced death, not only his but the one that'd taken others as well. "My poor Katora."

"I was never yours!" Came the sudden roar of her voice.

"Not you! … Y-you're just the wretched thing in her body."

"You're wrong." Her eyes narrowed into unquestionable threat, that if he were to interrupt her or misunderstand her meaning at all, he'd surely regret it. Her tone was like another being, telling him; surely it was no empty threat. "I'm not afraid anymore; the truth of what you would think of me isn't something I care about now. Don't think either that if I wasn't any better a person, my own in fact! That I wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through your head right here and now." Kat's face shifted and twitched in true anger, like she was fighting complete contempt from filling her words. "For what you did to her. You betrayed her, left her to the dogs. And what's worse, left her to me!" Her lip pulled up in a form of growl, "I doubt it's a debt you could ever pay."

His head lowered slowly, as though he could do nothing to hide his guilt for this. "And for what I did to you? I assume that's the debt you've come to collect." He said with some broken and partially fearful aggression. He assumed wrong, once more.

"You didn't make the same vow to me that you did to her." She turned partially away, still keeping her gaze on him, eyes she knew he hated. "So long as you never expect me to forgive you, we can consider it dealt with." Her hand clipped her handgun back into place and she turned from him entirely. "Go live your happy life." She said with distaste and loathing in her voice. "And pray to the Gods they never figure out the evil thing you are."

Kat began walking once more, now away from him and he could see the power in every stride and the way she held her whole being. "Katora…" He said softly, deep guilt and regret in his core now, but this had changed things. It wasn't the beast inside her that struck the most terror into him; it was the woman he'd scorned. Now over that beast's, he feared his daughter's vengeance.

As though she'd been reading his concerns, he felt coldness as she spoke once more. "If they do. If you fail your son, don't think I won't be there." Her shadowy figure turned the corner after her final warning, her draping coat following behind, equally vanishing from his sight in short moments, leaving him alone and frigid in the darkness of the alley.