Reality's Rainbow

I'm thankful for this picture-perfect life and the receded shadows in the background

I'm thankful for all of my mistakes and the places they have led me, no matter how dark the path

I'm thankful for the beating heart within me and the pain it holds inside

I'm thankful for the beauty of the mask I sometimes wear and what it can conceal

I'm thankful for my ability to think, to love, to hurt, and to feel, though the weight of it all often flattens me to the ground

I'm thankful for the rain that falls and my tears that add to the river

I'm thankful for the passage of time and all of the seconds that I have wasted

I'm thankful for the knowledge I have and the truth that still evades me

I'm thankful for the books I read and the escape I can always find

I'm thankful for the depth of security and the shallowness of trust

I'm thankful for who I am, the sunlit way in front of me, my shadow right behind, and the shades of grey in between, that color my black and white life

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