Warning Labels should be Given, my Dad's Cooking Dinner

You would have had to be there to believe it; the bumblebee that I had made out of glass was flying around my room! Now I know what you are probably thinking, the bumblebee was made out of glass, how can it be flying around your room? Well, I don't know. One minute I was in my bed, falling asleep, and the next I hear a buzzing from the area around my desk. This buzzing, though, wasn't your average bumblebee buzzing, oh no! This bumblebee was bigger than my hand, it's buzzing was loud, annoying, and hard to miss, kind of like a little brother, you could say.

I think I stared at the bumblebee in shock for a couple of minutes, I mean, something like this doesn't happen every day! It just doesn't work like that. The laws of physics as we (or I) know them have changed! I think you would have been in shock too. Anyway, the bumblebee, which I had started to call George, flew over to my window, and well, flew right into it. So I did the logical thing, I screamed. I ran to my kitchen and jumped up and down in circles and screamed.

I started thinking, what did I do to normal bumblebees? I killed them; I squished them to the floor and stomped on them, so I decided that was what I was going to do to George. I ran to my dad and mom's room, found a large shoe, which was obviously my dad's, and ran back to my room. I hesitated though, my room has carpet flooring. I couldn't get bumblebee guts all over that, I would never get it out! In the end it didn't matter though, George wasn't by the window, or anywhere in the air. There was no buzzing in my room, just a black and yellow glass bumblebee on my desk, right where I had left it before I had gone to bed.

I will never eat my dad's cooking again, I just won't.