Warnings: Homosexuality,Gay sex!, BIT of angst, and an annoyingly happy ending.

Autnor's note: Here we are guys! The last Chapter. We've been through some tough times together, Fiction Press deleted words making Chapter 2 impossible to understand, I didn't realise until months later, I actually intended for quite a sad ending, but I admit, I'm a sucker for fairy tale endings. Then I intended for there to be more chapters and a sequel. But in the end, after I wrote chapter 9, I realised the ending wouldn't work. So Enjoy~


"Okay guys! Remember if you have a outfit list to all bring you're costumes on Monday and if you have a prop list bring them in Tomorrow!" a slightly older Russel Noon smiled to his class before turning to the five students who were staying for drama club, the other thirty members would arrive later, "You guys know the drill, into the foyer until Mister O'Brien comes at Six!" he grinned.

The class groaned and looked at there favourite teacher with pleading eyes, but the 30-something male shook his head promptly kicked all the others out the classroom before gathering his classes' coursework and heading back to his apartment.

"I'm home Roody!" he called as he opened the door to his small but comfortable townhouse, his husband poked his head through the kitchen door dressed in his smart suit already, "Oh...I see your dressed...already I was hoping we could...aww..." Russel pouted.

"Russy, get ready I ve'll miss ze actual ceremony!" Roody grinned, "plus ze Groom is still asleep!" The German added.

"Why did those two decided to have a night time Wedding?" Russel growled.

"No Idea...Go vake him up"

"Why me?"

"Zis is Justin ve're talking about, he's still awkward vith me" Roody shrugged.

"Still? It's been a good ten years since you slept with him." but without anymore whining Russel went to wake the blonde.

He returned downstairs several minutes later.

"He's gone again isn't he?" Roody sighed without even looking at his husband.

"Face it, there just not ready for marriage, I mean...this is the...what? Seventh time they've tried to get married isn't?"

"Yeeeah...ah to be twenty-seven and so in love since you were so young and in no rush to get married..." Sighed Roody, "oh vell, better call Rupert, Marigold, Cherry, Terry, Lisa, David and Marc and tell zem to tell everyone else vey've ran off somevhere again."



"Hey Justin...do you think we'll ever like...get married?" I smiled playing with my partner's soft blonde hair as he lay on top of me.

"You know...probably not. One day. on the other hand...we did say that the last six times!" snorted Justin nuzzling me bare neck softly making me giggled softly.

"Besides it'd be so cliche if we got married in a big family union. I mean, everything would change if we got married, look at Russel and Roody, at it like rabbits then like a year after there married no sex. Whats the point in getting married if you never get to fuck!"

"Yes Colin, god forbid we discover a more meaningful and understanding way to express our mutual love for eachother!" Justin mock gasped.

Then without warning my mobile phone rang, I answered it, "Oh! Mum!" I grinned at Justin lightly, "yeah...sorry...we ran off again...no I can't say where we are that defeats the point of running away!" I laughed looking at Justin as adoringly as ever who was giving me a really predatory look before slipping from my veiw under the sheets.


"Colin I am very mad with you! You're brothers were very excited and so was I! We thought you might ACTUALLY get married this time!"

"ngn...Ah! Yes!"

"You better get back here and treat us all to dinner later!"

"Yes! Ah...Ah..."

"...Colin...you aren't listening are you?"

"Fuck me hard Justin!"

"...You're aware you're on speaker phone right?"

"This make our sex life look almost like crap, dosen't it Ian?"

"Quiet Rupert!"

"Aye Rupert, that it does, that it does."

"Father Green!"

And that's when I ended the call.


Russel and Roody enjoyed a long happy civil partnership despite being minor characters.

Rupert got a civil partnership with Father Ian Green and continued to teach History at Colin's old school.

Colin's Mum (Marigold) was reunited with her son Rupert Noon, it was awesome.

Bellinda and Hilary turned out to be lesbians and adopted a little Chinese girl called Meilin.

Kayleigh's desk still smells like sex.

Cherry and Terry got married and had 5 children, Penny, Jason, Carla, Hector and Andrew.

Lisa's homemade lemonade became famous nationally.

I and Justin are in New York running a coffee shop, we still aren't married. But we're going to try for the 8th time next year in the summer.

KickOffYourStilettos sucks tieing up loose ends.