Okay, so imagine this. Imagine a school where days are merely moments of anticipation for night. Imagine a school where the nights were filled with werewolf howls. And it was all just part of the daily routine (well, nightly routine). Imagine a school where being normal meant you weren't normal at all. A school where being popular meant having fangs and bone white skin. A school where being cool meant growing fur and two more legs every month or so. A school where being respected meant being able to turn your teacher into a loaded gun. A school where being smart meant being able to lie through your teeth. Could you imagine? Would you even want to imagine? Can you? I can. You know why?

I go to that school.

Coven Four. An elite, private boarding school or academy for young men and women ages fifteen to eighteen. Located in Boston, Massachusetts. To be able to attend one of the most prestigious high schools in the country was the ultimate wish of nearly every parent in the New England area.

This was how normal humans saw Coven Four. Which was how it was meant to be seen. But underneath the seemingly serene, composed surface of one of the most selective high schools in America was a totally different aspect of life.

Coven Four was a school for Venificus Creatura.

Vampires were trained to resist massacring humans every other hour. Werewolves howled during the night. Witches and warlocks learned how to fill their arsenals with poisons and spells of the deadliest kind. And Naturals were taught how to lie as though it was the truth. When each asset of these Four had been trained, taught and controlled, they would be formed into a Coven of Four. One vampire, one werewolf, one witch or warlock, and one Natural. After "graduation" they would venture out into the outside world, filled with humans, to protect each other from Hunters. Hunters had schools of their own. They could be werewolves, vampires, witches or warlocks. But they were never Naturals. Hunters didn't cooperate. They didn't take advantage of the usefulness of Naturals. Hunters held onto their old prejudices, their hate for other kinds, and fed it on to future generations. And in the midst of all this, Kiley Cord enters her freshman year at Coven Four as a Natural.