There is nothing like this;
feeling the rise and fall of our carrier
as we push through the waves of wind.
A lone boat in the oceanic sky,
we occupy a world of our own;
nothing can touch us.
We look upward and kiss the Heavens,
as we explore the playground for angels,
who ponder curiously about life below,
not knowing that their celestial abode
is envied above all by
the people of the land below.
Clouds stroll by lazily
as the engine of the aircraft hums;
leaving a trail behind
as if to say:
"Here I am.
There is where I'm from.
This is my world."
Looking down,
there are forests and cities formed
in the billowy clouds,
a glimpse of a world
I can know nothing about.
Even further down below,
the brown land takes the shape
of trapezoids, squares, and rectangles,
boring and tedious
compared to the playful dips
in the sand of Heaven's beach.
Violent winds suddenly push against us,
threatening to throw pestering trespassers
out of its lands.
Back on track,
a lake of marshmallow clouds
lie beneath our belly,
a cushion ready to catch
a passing traveler should we lose
our footing.
It is calm once more,
as we approach our destination,
a bittersweet end
to our excursion in the sky.