"Honey," My mom began, reaching out and touching my arm affectionately. "I know you liked it in Minnesota, but Seattle is going to be so much fun! It's something new, that none of us have ever experienced."

"Yay," I said with no enthusiasm. "The West Coast,"

"That's the spirit!" My mom smiled brightly, and I now hated that we shared the same emerald eyes. My mom's eyes were giving me the look that made me feel guilty for sassing and also made me wish I wasn't on an airplane and could go hide at my Grandpa Williams's house and come out when it was all safe.

But I couldn't hide this time. My family was moving from Rochester, Minnesota to Seattle, Washington. Why were we moving? Well, my older brothers Matt and Nate were starting college in Seattle in a few months, and my parent's couldn't stand to be more that thirty miles from their 'little boys', even though that's not what they say. My parents think it's time that we 'refresh our image', and who am I to complain? Well, I do have to leave my friend, Bridget, but we weren't that close anymore, I took up drums and she took up becoming a slut, so I was sort of glad I was leaving.

"Evangeline," My mom questioned, breaking my thinking silence.

"Yes, Mom," I asked back.

"I just wanted to let you know, I contacted all of the high schools in the area of our new house, and they all said that their Varsity Band would accept another percussionist."

"You're making me a band geek already?" I said with mock fierceness.

"I'm sorry, dear," My mom apologized as she reached over in her airplane seat to touch my arm again.

"I was kidding, Mom," I said, looking at her with grin. "I don't have anything better to do than join band, so might as well, huh?"

My mom smiled and then turned to my sister who was reading the book Sea Wolf in German.

"Penelope," My mom began. Penelope glanced up from her book to my mom.

"What?" Penelope asked. "I was just getting to the part when Ms. Brewster and those other guys are brought onto the Ghost."

My mom sighed and shook her head. "Never mind," My mom scoffed. "Just remember, don't rub it in your fellow fourth graders that you can read in German, French, and are learning Italian."

"Mom," Penelope began with her fists at her hips. "Why can't I go to fifth or sixth grade? Those kids are more at my level."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "You could if you weren't so bad at math."

"Hey!" Penelope exclaimed. "Mom, what Eva said wasn't nice!"

"Yes, Evangeline," My mom looked at me hard. "Don't make fun of your sister."

I glared at my sister and turned back to my Seventeen Magazine that I was reading before. I tried to read it, but I was too frustrated. Penelope was the baby of my family, and the favorite of my mother. Also, she is very smart in the Literature department, which got to me a lot. She'd always rub her German or French books in my face with a little sneer on hers. Me, I'd rub my Math tests with a big 'A' on the front in her face, and get yelled at because of it.

"Hey, Mom," Penelope whined.

"What's up, honey?" My mom asked her with great adoration in her eyes. I rolled my eyes and turned back to what would be the best Halloween costume for my personality.

"Are Matt and Nate already in Seattle?"

"Yes, Matthew and Nathaniel are waiting at our new house, or they should be."

Once our plane landed, I felt a strong need of iced tea and tried to find some money in my pockets to buy some.

"Hey Dad," I began. My dad looked up from his pamphlet on the Seattle Airport and smiled at me.

"Yes, dear," My dad asked.

"Can you grab my bag if I go to the airport's restaurant?" I asked.

"Sure, but be careful." My dad warned.

"Always am, Dad," I smiled as I kissed him on the cheek and went to search for a restaurant.

Not long after leaving my family, I found a small, cute little restaurant/café type place outside the airport gates that had my iced tea.

I walked in at went straight to the front counter where a girl my age with long dirty blonde hair and glasses stood with a magazine in her hands and a bored look on her face.

"Excuse me," I said, causing her to jump.

"Oh, God," She began blushing. "I'm sorry! How long have you been waiting?" She asked quickly. I looked and read her nametag that read the name 'Amethyst'.

"Not long," I replied.

"Can I get you something?" She asked.

"What do you all have for iced tea?" I asked.

"Pretty much everything," She replied with a smile.

"Uh," I looked around at all the choices and shrugged.

"Raspberry," I asked.

"Got it," Amethyst said as she jumped up and went to the freezer.

"So," Amethyst began as she came back with a bottle in her hand. "Are you stopping here on your way somewhere else or is Seattle your destination?"

"My family's moving here." I shrugged.

"Cool! So then you're starting school up here too?"

"Yeah, I'm a junior." I said.

"Me too," Amethyst exclaimed. "Where are you going?"

"I'm not sure yet," I shrugged.

"Oh," Amethyst said thoughtfully. "So why'd you move here?" Amethyst asked.

"My brothers are going to college here and my parents thought it would be cool to move from Minnesota to Seattle."

"Wow, that kind of sucks," Amethyst said as she leaned onto the counter, actually looking interested.

I shrugged. "My best friend changed, and I was glad that I had and excuse ending our friendship."

"Now that really sucks!" Amethyst exclaimed. I laughed lightly and watched as Amethyst glared at something behind me. I turned slightly and watched a guy stroll in with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, God," I heard Amethyst mutter under her breath. "What the hell is he doing here?"

"Who is he?" I whispered.

"My huge ego brother," Amethyst growled. He had dark brown hair and was of a slightly muscular build, wearing a navy blue shirt that made his toned body look great and khaki shorts.

"Amethyst," He spoke with a slightly raspy, deep voice.

"Adam," Amethyst glared at her brother.

Adam looked over at me, but returned his attention back to his sister quickly.

"What are you still doing here?" Adam asked.

"Working, something you don't do." Amethyst smirked and raised an eyebrow.

Adam laughed a hardy laugh and looked at his sister with a raised eyebrow.

"You're funny, but that's not why I'm here. Wasn't your shift over twenty minutes ago?"

"Awe, since when did you care?" Amethyst asked.

"I've always cared, but answer the question. Why are you still here?"

"The idiot who's suppost to take the shift after me hasn't come yet," Amethyst said, picking at her nails.

"Evangeline," I heard behind me. I turned from the corner and saw my dad standing there with his and my bags at his feet, his usual smile at his face. "Ready?"

"Yeah," I said, taking back my change from Amethyst, smiling at her and looking at Adam again, which ran shivers down my back.

He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy I'd hang out with, that's for sure.

"Hey, Evangeline," Amethyst called out. "Here," Amethyst grabbed a piece of paper and began writing furiously. "This is my school, my email and cell number." Amethyst handed me the paper with a smile, her hazel eyes bright. "Since you're new here, I'll help you get around."

I smiled at her brightly. "Thank you, so much!"

Amethyst scoffed. "No problem, I like you, and you have great style!" I looked down at what I was wearing and smiled up at her. I guess I wasn't the only one who liked my, as my mom said 'unique', style.

"Thanks," I said again as I handed her the amount of money that popped up on the cash register's screen and she gave me back my change.

I turned back to her and smiled. "Give me a call or something and I'll show you the hot spots of Seattle." I nodded.

"Oh," She added with a grin. "Love the name!"

I laughed lightly and started walking towards my dad. "Thanks, I'll give you a call." I called over my shoulder.

Once we left the airport and got on the road, it took about twenty minutes to get to our new house. While coming up to our new house, we drove past a bunch of huge old style Victorians and I felt my jaw drop.

"Uh, what type of house is ours going to be?" I called up to my parents.

"A lot like those," My mom called back. I felt my jaw drop even more and I was in awe, taking in all of the beautiful houses in gorgeous yards.

"Here we are," My dad said, slowing down to almost a stop outside of a beautiful brown Victorian with creamy shutters on the windows. Even Penelope dropped her book in awe.

"Seriously, Dad," I began. "I didn't know we had this much money!"

"We've been saving for this day," My mom smiled. Before the car came to a stop outside our new house, I was out the door and in a full sprint up to the front door. I opened it and was in total awe, all over again.

"Oh my God," I screeched at the top of my lungs.

"Looks like Lena's home," I heard Matt call out, but I was so busy running around the empty, unfurnished home that I didn't reply. The main floor had a kitchen, bathroom, huge walk-in closet by the front door, and another by the garage door, a big living room, a den, dining room connected to the kitchen, a laundry room and a huge master bed and bathroom.

After running through the main floor, I took one of the two stairs up, taking the spiral steps on the back side of the house to the top floor. When I got up there, I found four bedrooms, two baths, and me, being smart, decided to take one of the bigger bedrooms of the four rooms that was right next to the back spiral stairs and right next to the bigger bathroom, with both the bedroom and the bathroom facing the back of the house. Once I had claimed my room, I went in there and saw two windows, one facing the back yard that was beautiful with a few matured trees and a great view of a pond that was bordering about five different back yards, on our side. The bad thing was that there was a fence cutting it off, but I'd find a way back there somehow.

The other window gave me a view of one of our neighbors house, and thank God that there wasn't a window at the same spot on that house.

The bedroom also had a huge walk-in closet, which I really loved.

"Eva!" I heard my sister screech. I walked out into the hallway and saw her running up the main steps that were right next to the front door.

"What, Penny?" I asked. She glared at me.

"Don't call me Penny, I'm Penelope."

"Whatever," I said, leaning against the doorframe. "What do you want?"

"Mom and Dad want us to pick our bedrooms."

"Already did," I smiled with satisfaction.

"Which one," She asked. I gave her a look that read, 'did you just ask that?'.

"Uh, the one I'm standing next too," I scoffed.

Penelope glared at me. "Fine," She began. She walked down the hallway and back up it. "I want that one," She finally decided, pointing at the one kiddy corner to mine. I walked over to her and looked inside to see two closets, but they weren't walk-ins and only one window. Her bedroom was also smaller than mine.

"Well, now that we've got this settled…" I trailed off and walked back out into the hallway. I noticed that there were three closets, none of them walk-ins like mine. I went back to my bedroom and sat on the floor right in the middle of the room.

"I think I'm gonna like it here." I said aloud to myself, and felt that the statement was completely true.

So, a new story by tootsie.daul28, huh? Please stay tuned for chapter 2! I'm really happy with how this story is flowing so far (i've finished chapter ten already) and I hope you continue reading!