A month later, at the next Battle of the Bands, we took second place. The band that took first, Five James Morgan, played more country-like music, but were really good. I thought they were cool because they had a steel guitar, but the guys just shook their heads at me.

The summer after the guys graduated, with the chaperoning of Franklin's mom, we went down to California to play, and hopefully, get noticed.

But we didn't.

The guys acted like they weren't mad, but I knew they were. By August, we were back in Seattle so Amethyst and I could finish high school.

It was a Wednesday, the day before school, and Amethyst and I were in her room, making lists and checking off everything we had.

"Do you think that the guys at school are gonna ignore me?" I asked as I made sure I had pens in my bag.

Amethyst let out a sigh. "Like they ignore me?"

"Why would you care?" I asked her. "You've got Franklin wrapped around your finger."

She smiled cheekily. "I got him to take me clothes shopping a couple weeks ago, when we were still in California, and when I tried to pay for all of it, he paid. It was awesome, babysitting never paid very well," She admitted.

I chuckled and looked at some of the clothes that Amethyst had gotten with Franklin.

"Hey," I said angrily as I turned and glared at Amethyst.

"What?" She asked defensively.

"Why didn't you take me with you?"

"Because you were with Adam," She sneered.

I blushed.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

"Which reminds me," I began. "Where is he today?"

"He got a job at my dad's hot tub place," She shrugged. "I guess he wants to take you to fancy places."

I rolled my eyes and sat down on Amethyst's bed. "Fancy? Sure, whatever," I said as I rested back on Amethyst's bed.

"He's totally crazy for you, Eva," Amethyst told me as she sat down next to me.

I sighed. "Amethyst, do you think we'll make it?"

"You and Adam? Of course! You are so cute together!"

"No, not us," I paused. "I'm not worried about us. I was talking about the band."

"Well, I thought you'd get somewhere playing in California," Amethyst said truthfully.

"Yeah, me too," I agreed.

We were quiet for a little while, before Amethyst cleared her throat. "What are you going to do if nothing happens during the school year?"

I bit my lip. "I don't know. I mean, I love the guys so much, and I love playing, but I don't want to have to live from paycheck to paycheck while working at a department store and playing on the side."

Amethyst sighed. "I don't want you or the guys to get mad at me for saying this, because I really love the band too, it's just, I think you could do a lot better if you went to college."

"I want to go to the Twin Cities back in Minnesota," I said truthfully.

"Well, don't kill me, but I think you should try it. I mean, there are drummers everywhere, even though I'd hate for you to go."

I looked over at Amethyst who looked like she was going to cry. I sat up and pulled her into a hug.

"Amethyst," I whined as tears started brewing up in my eyes.

She smiled. "I'm sorry, I just, I'll miss you when you go."

I laughed through tears. "I haven't even been accepted yet, Amethyst,"

"Adam is going to miss you too," Amethyst said quietly.

"I'd hope," I said quietly. "But we can't say anything to the guys, promise?" I held out my pinky.

She wrapped her pinky around mine. "I promise, I'll keep my big mouth shut." She smiled.

I was safe for another couple months; hopefully this was going to get easier.

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