It could be in the way your hearts beats
(The way she breaths when you get close)
It could be, just the fact of who you think you are
(But you're not as insincere as her)
Believe it, I won't ever leave you alone

You can't trick me out of my mind,
Just by moving your hands across my skin
No, I accounted for this (but it doesn't matter at end)
Maybe I'll just take the fall (it's for the best)

Ripping apart the way my mind works
(She'd taunt you from afar)
I have a feeling that I don't matter
(Like anything you do really does)
I don't want to lie again tonight
(So just get moving)

You try to change who I think you are
(But in the end she's still the same)
I thought for a moment I could save you
(You'd just die on the way)
I don't know what to do now...


"Believe me, I don't want to go as much as you."
"You're a liar. I really don't want to go."
"We're still going."

Even if there is a way to reach her, we might not come back ourselves.