i stumbled upon your face again
the same shining eyes i love to see
the same miracles that touch my life
the same change that awakes me.

but it just wasn't the same;
something's taken you from me.
i don't know what stole my heart
blinded, i keep tripping over it
yet it's still far from my reach.

why can't i control what's mine?
i thought i had the power,
a chance to make a choice.
or is this the product of my ignorance?

as i think about our encounter today
my air conditioner freezes what's left of my soul.

i want my skin to melt and itch and burn in your presence.
i want nothing to hide from you,
nothing to keep from you.
but more than anything i want to touch you again.

your pinky alone can drive out demons,
but your touch was far away.
seeing is not enough.
i want to feel that you are there.

i've been physically hungry all the time
and i think it's your way of getting my attention.

i want more of you,
more and more and more of you.
a little bit will never be enough.