my faith is growing in faster and faster.
more pure and honest and real.


but the split ends are ruining my appeal to you.
the ends of my heart are dead,.
(just like the ends my wavy, dyed hair.)

with your scissors oh, lord,
do away with the imperfections.
cut off what's dead, broken, not glorifying you
and make what's growing in better, healthier.

hair cutting accentuates life in one's face
just as heart trimming accentuates the life in one's heart.

shine through the new layers it's growing;
illuminate my heart and home.

shake the world with light waves
and let them see your glory.
make my heart your home to do so.

i want to see your power in my life
without the split ends, and dead ends.
break me away from everything
cut me off from everything
damaging our relationship.

i want to look pretty for you, my lord.
so take the shampoo, and wash my heart.
condition it with your love.
then cut away the split ends, dead ends.

i was hoping that heart-trimming would
spice up my relationship with you.