It was no question as to what was about to happen as the moon shone out, brushing the sky with faint color

It was no question as to what was about to happen as the moon shone out, brushing the sky with faint color. In the dark corners of the city one human would not go unnoticed, but London had many events of kidnapping, rape, and murder. The one that was about to happen would be viewed as no different from the many others that came before it. As the legend crept up upon the frail beauty he smiled, teeth reflecting off the moon, and his mind flickered back towards the feminine creatures so similar to this one that he spent most of his days with. It was a life of pretend he lived in, and whilst at times it could be vaguely enjoyable, it was when the moon set over the sky that the monster found his peace.

It was as the distant clock tower chimed, signifying that it would soon be midnight, that the hidden creature made his presence known. The woman turned in fear to face her killer, eyes gazing in awe upon her angel of the night. The mythical man grinned evilly, smelling the fear and adrenaline that ran through the lady's veins. She was quite a lovely girl, probably with a proud family and loving mate, but these thoughts advanced no further in the slaughterer's mind. Occurrences much like this one had included even more splendored exquisiteness, and even more blessed circumstances.

In the final moment when prey opened mouth to scream the tower chimed for its final time, telling all those awake that another day loomed in the distant hours, and the killer pounced, razor sharp teeth ripping into skin, blood pouring out into mouth.

Time of Death: 12:00 Midnight, Friday, Sept. 8

Marissa's laughter rang out through the house, echoing off the walls as she collapsed on her bed, a grin plastered permanently on her face.

"My gosh, Amber, why didn't you tell me school was so great!" she exclaimed, gazing happily at the ceiling of her room.

"Um, because it's not?" Amber suggested, a questioning look on her face.

"It's just so much better-everything is just so much better than where I came from!" Marissa giggled, clutching one of her pillows and squealing into it.

"You're insane," Amber retorted, tossing another pillow at Marissa's head, frizzing her brunette hair. Marissa sat up, glaring at her new best friend.

"Thanks," she said, voice dripping with sarcasm. Even her impossible hair couldn't bring down the cheerful mood she was in, though, and in result Marissa turned on her stereo, blasting music throughout her room. Next, the girl persisted to stand up and twirl around the room, thoughts becoming consumed with the idea of dance: her deepest and most profound desire. Her best friend sighed.

"Oh, Marissa, are you ever going to get real dance lessons?" Amber complained; she had been watching her newfound friend dance hopelessly for the whole summer.

"You know how it is, Amber. Mum doesn't have enough money, and I'd be selfish to ask her after everything," she trailed off lamely, a frown appearing on her pale face as she sat back down on the bed.

"I know," Amber said in understanding. Marissa had just recently moved to town; her mother just got out of a bad marriage and things concerning money were tight. This did not hinder Marissa from being happy, though. She was one of the most selfless people Amber knew; she was blessed to have found such a great new friend.

"Believe me, though, the minute I see an opportunity I'm going to take it. By the end of this year I will learn to dance no matter what the cost!" Marissa declared, determination sparkling in her hazel eyes. "As long as it doesn't include-"

"Asking your mum for money," Amber finished lamely. It was no secret that Marissa Black's most deepest desire was to dance. The only problem was that there had never been enough reason or money to learn how. Her father had always been against it; nobody fought with him about it, either. Now, however, Mr. Black was out of the picture, leaving Marissa free to do whatever she wanted with her feet.

"Girls, please, don't you two have homework?" Tracy Black complained, opening the door to Marissa's room and peeking in. Tracy Black was a beautiful woman, filled with good spirit and love. She was kind to her daughter, their close relationship being almost eerie compared to the way most mothers and teenage daughters treated each other. This was probably because of Marissa's father, though; if you wanted to survive under his roof it was necessary to stick together.

"Mum, it's the first Friday of the year. Why would we have homework?" Marissa informed her mother, giving her a pointed look. Mrs. Black sighed.

"Alright, fine. It's just that your music is so loud, and-"

"Would you like us to go over to Amber's house?" Marissa suggested, eyebrow raised.

"Oh would you?" she sighed, relief showing on her face.

"We know you have work to do with the house and all. It's fine," Marissa said. She'd moved into the house in the beginning of the summer and her mum still wasn't done with refurnishing it.

"Are you sure it's okay with your parents, Amber?"

"Oh, they won't mind. They love Marissa!" Amber teased, snickering at the red tint appearing on Marissa's face. The minute Amber's parents met Marissa they fell in love with her, something Amber never missed an opportunity to taunt her about.

"Mum, you know Mozart's supposed to be enlightening," Marissa called, grabbing her coat as she prepared to leave the house. Her mother chuckled.

"I know, sweetie, but you know me; anything with a melody is distracting!" she exclaimed, wiping her forehead. Marissa shook her head. She truly loved her beautiful mother, who was currently painting the living room, soft red hair pulled up, and hazel eyes like Marissa's alit with purpose. Her skinny body was hidden under a layer of overalls that still managed to look good on her.

"Just be glad I'm not a metal junkie," Marissa joked, closing the door behind her and following Amber towards her house next door.

"Your mum is hilarious!" Amber laughed, throwing back her slick black hair. Amber was really quite an eccentric girl, beautiful and thick with Chinese heritage. Her own mother was strict in her beliefs on how a proper young lady should behave, and the carefree aura that Marissa's mother brought into a room was refreshing and pleasurable.

"She means well," Marissa sighed. "You know life with my dad wasn't good; it was filled with violence and verbal abuse. She was wants everything here to be better than that," Marissa explained. "She doesn't understand that anything is better than life with my dad." Amber nodded.

"Your dad," she paused, uncertain. "Did he ever hit you?"

"No, I think he had more sense than that!" Marissa gasped. Amber grinned suddenly, a mischievous look on her face.

"So, got any new dance moves?" Amber teased, changing the subject. Marissa jumped into the street-there were rarely any cars on her road-and spun around, trying her best to do a perfect pirouette. She tried a few more simple ballet steps before falling, defeated on her bottom; she'd tripped over her shoelace.

"My dad never let me dance; he thought it was inappropriate. Now that I have a life without him I'm going to do whatever it takes. My mum can do whatever she wants to decorate our house. I won't be happy until I can dance."

As Marissa Black spoke her eyes set off into the distance, towards the clock tower. It was a symbol of hope for her. Hope for her new life, her new future, and the prospect of finally being able to do what she so intensely desired. She was going to do it. She was going to learn how to dance.