I lied to him.
Juls says 10/10
with a little smiley.
He says I look a little distraught.
He asks if everything is okay.
Dev says he had a good god damn day.
My fingers are shaking so bad
I think they'll break right off.
I lied to him.
I cheated on my boyfriend
and he was right there watching me.
They both said I was beautiful.
They both told me
that I was so pretty.
Everything was going so beautifully
and then Juls wanted me to go on.
I should've said no.
I should've let it go
just with Devon.
But I didn't.
I don't even know
I can't believe
that I lied
to the only man
that's ever loved me
and he acts like he's not mad
but he is.
He hates me
and he hates Juls.
What have I done?