Honey, I'm home. Is that you?
Laying down, I'll hold you tight.
It's been forever, I've missed you.
A simple sigh as a reluctant response.
Foreign lust trailed upon your neck.
Not mine.
Not mine.
I'm welcome here but the silence sojourns.
You're masquerade played upon your lips.
I know you well, but not well enough to leave.
Safety. Safety blanket. That's what you are.
Muttering intensities. I love you. "Pardon me?"
Turn around, go back to sleep.
Quivering lips, shaking hands.
Tap, tap, tap. Deary, are you alright?
Goodnight. Sleep. Darkness surrounds all.
No thoughts, no images, no compelling time.
Settling. Settling. Settling. Settling. Settled.
A distant brush of a cold mouth on a cheek.
Good morning.
Pristine sky, clear, a sheet of baby blue.
"I love you too."