A Fairytale Myth

The story begins a long time ago
Once upon a never
Of a girl with a love that'd grow
On and on, forever.

But everytime she dared to try
She dropped her fragile heart.
With crystal drops in softened eye
The saddened rain began to start.

No one wanted to see the bloom
From her garden of pink flowers
So instead she sat in bluish gloom
Drowning her plants with showers.

Looking down, she saw no pride
In the flowers down below
So instead they drowned in the tide
And never would they grow.

And it was the land of dreams
Was swallowed up by darkened clouds
There is no springtime, so it seems
For a garden that winter shrouds.

And so she put her heart in a case
Then locked it far away.
There was never a smile on her face
And the clouds were there to stay.

The little heart left all alone
Held the love that could grow forever.
But its light would not be shown
And the fairytale was always never.