A Lesson to be Learned

Sitting somewhere dark, alone
Sits a lost and mourning man.
Spills his heart to those unknown
That don't try to understand.

And somewhere in the cemetery
There's a girl talking to a grave.
Her messages are on tears that ferry
Words to the soul she couldn't save.

In a distant, neighboring town
Sits a pair of lovers, torn
Holding each other, eyes facing down
Knowing they face eternal scorn.

In a dreary classroom is a child
Who stares into the courtyard outside.
Looking innocent, looks so mild
Does anyone knows his plans to die?

Walking on a busy city street
A woman hurries when noticing the time.
And somewhere in the bustling heat
She'll be the next victim of a crime.

No one takes the time to try
And no one dares to see
That there are wishes in our eyes
That will never come to be.

And what about those beautiful dreams?
What of making them come true?
Will they fall apart at the seams
Because of things that we won't do?

It's a world of saddened hearts,
Where no one knows how to believe.
We've fallen so far, came to depart
With happiness, to be eternally decieved.