A Little Bird

Somewhere way up in the sky
Lost high up in the air
Is a little bird that cannot fly
The way the others dare.

The little bird is all alone
When the others begin to play.
The little bird sits with thoughts unknown
Of truths it will not say.

It doesn't chirp the same old song
That the others learned to sing
Instead its lyrics all are wrong...
It's such a tragic thing.

No one wants a little bird
Who can't seem to get along.
No one has the kindest word
For the one who is so wrong.

And yet the bird, it longs to fly
The way the others do
And yet the bird, it cannot try
To see the hidden cues.

In the middle of the dark of night
When the other birds perch asleep,
The little bird cries out its plight
With a song of pain so deep

That every melodious chirp rings
With such horrid, tearful sound...
And every single lyric brings
Saddened tears upon the ground.

Somewhere out there is a little bird
That sits upon a perch alone.
And it's without a single spoken word
That the pain remains unknown.