A Midnight Conversation

Two foreign lovers
Speak by the dark of midnight.
Look for clues in the other
To see what's left to right.

He can't look her in the face
And say he loves her so
Never will there be a place
For his affection to go.

She's afraid of the confession
That she senses in his mind
Afraid to be the priceless possession
He accidentally left behind.

Suddenly the silence breaks
And he starts to speak again
Admitting to his tragic mistake
Causing an untimely end.

And she begins to deny
That the fault was all his own
Two voices debate and cry,
Such agony within them grown...

Oh, the conversation floods
With so many hidden tears
Pouring out in crystalline blood
From the veins of all the fears...

There was no wrong or right here
Never was a crime
The reasons were just never clear
And buried over time...

To the surface it now will rise
All this hurting misery
Something beautiful met its demise
When no one dared to see

Can this be ever be fixed
Or are they doomed to die?
Two lovers, feelings mixed,
Can do nothing now but cry.