A Painful Love

No one saw the sign.
It happened much too fast.
A note gave the final design
Of a sleep to be her last.

It'd been quite some time
Since she'd been rested well.
Others always seemed to chime
Her restlessness a prolonged spell.

It was written in her eyes,
The need for lovely rest.
No one saw her frequent tries
Where failure was her best.

There was a single being
Who knew of her desire.
He was silent, not seeing
Her passionate fire

That had began to burn
Fueling the strongest urge
Better she seemed to turn
But the fire suddenly surged.

He heard one day she was ill
And rushed right to her side.
He arrived to find her still-
Long since had she died.

He hung his head
But he did not cry.
He smiled sadly instead
And nodded to the sky.

"It's over now, be at peace.
It's your now," he began to weep.
"You never dared to ever cease,
And now you have your gentle sleep."

The world was slow
While things moved quick.
He knew how she wanted to go,
But he became so sick.

There was no apology
That would bring her back.
Sorrow can never cease to be
When now he constantly lacks.

He was there the next day
Standing by the grave.
He choked on tears to say,
"I hate you went unsaved."

The sky, the clouds quilted.
He was full of grief.
His heart, so heavy guilted
With tragic beliefs.

He packed away her things
And stored them far away.
Seeing them made his heart sing
Of misery and dismay.

She was sleeping beautifully,
No longer in saddened pain.
He was at her bedside dutifully,
Standing in the rain.

It was said that he was wronged
By a girl of shallow will.
It was said he painfully longed
To have her with him still.

It was so far to make him mad
He cried for reasons known.
Everyone became sympathetically sad
When his insanity shown.

One evening they saw him there
Placing flowers all around.
The nights together they shared-
He slept beside her on the ground.

Everyone hurt for this poor man
Who regretted his mistake
It was never part of his plan
To make a poor girl break.

He stayed with her for years
Believing she to be alive.
Crying so many countless tears
That the flowers easily survived.

Reality finally made him separate,
His soul to fly above.
No one had ever dared to aggravate
Such a painful love.