A Storm Brews

Clouds grow dark
Tension hangs in the air.
Voices spark,
A storm's brewing there.

And the thunder screams
Lightning flashes bright.
It begins to seem
There's no end in sight.

The lightning is her eyes
Flickering with angered pain.
No one sees his cries
Silently, he is the rain.

Water drowns the land.
Electricity cuts the sky.
But do they understand
Storm's just passing by?

Or will they come together
And find a better place?
To be each other's forever
Beneath the sunlight's grace.

Is he going to lose her?
Or will she finally come back?
Can she be made reassured
Or will he know of lack?

Can they see it through;
Make it to the better day?
Will progress itself undo,
And make them go astray?

The clouds are dark
Of tests of love true
When heated voices spark
And another storm brews.