Accidental Absence

How long can it take
To realize a
How long can it be
That you'd forgive

There was an
Accidental absence
That I'm responsible for.
I turned my back
Wanted no part of you
Told you to just go away...

It wasn't what you wanted
And now,
I learn,
Neither did I.

Mistakes are made
In human life,
We try and we try
But error, we can't fight.
I realize that when you
Made your wrong,
I made one as well, on a
Much bigger scale.

We connected from the start,
Everyone said.
Anger was nothing to us
And passed in quick time.
We understood that we didn't
Always agree.
We never judged the other,
And we always showed how much we cared.

Day in, day out,
We were side by side
Even when we couldn't be physically.
You treated me like
I was equal.
How could I have turned my back on you
And become blind to this?

I finally came out of denial,
My friend,
And realized the flaw in the plan.
We both made mistakes,
And such a long time has gone by.

I hope, one day,
Our accidental absence,
Can maybe be
What we really were.
True friends.

You never strayed that far from me
Even when I turned away.
It took me so long to understand
Just how much
I meant to you.
I hope that I still do.
It took a massive blow to the heart,
For me to realize
What was true.

And so, I hope,
To contact you.
To apologize and let it die.
No more accidental absence.
Please, say that we can try...