Angel Doll

Fallen off the highest shelf,
Laying heaped on the floor
Tattered frills
And destroyed curls
Broken wings
Saddened angel girl...

Angel doll,
You once sat on the highest shelf
Kept in the highest of
So happy, so beautiful
In your hands, you held a lovely
Red heart,
Stuffed with fluffy pillows
Of cotton clouds.

Cute little button eyes,
Bright green, shiny and sweet.
Adorable curls of hair
Of gold,
Tiny, delicate hands
And, of course, your innocent smile.

So easily, though,
Were you knocked to the floor
Fallen prey to mean little hands.
Button eyes broken,
Hair messed up in disarray.
Ripped apart your gentle wings,
Disabled your desire
To dream--
To fly away.
From your little, little hands
That dearest red heart was
Snatched away,
Ripped in half,
Pouring out cottony clouds
Of love and affection,
All over the unforgiving floor.

Angel doll,
I swear I see,
Within your broken little eyes...
Angel doll,
Are you in tears?
Do I really see soft blue
Streaks run down your face
While yet you smile
So innocent still?

One child picked up
The beaten little angel doll,
Stared down at its obvious pain,
And nothing was done.
Laid to rest on the cold, dark floor.

Angel doll,
If I could,
I'd grace my presence
With you in my arms.
We'd lay down together,
In satiny white sheets.
We'd look so similar,
Oh angel doll.

Broken eyes,
Teary streams.
Tussled hair,
Broken hearts.

Angel doll,
You and I
Will lay to rest together,
For all eternity.
No longer will we be unworthy,
We're off to heaven's majesty.