Greens and blues
Stare out at the waves approaching
The firing squad marches
Headfirst towards them
The emeralds tremble
While the sapphires flicker
But neither body moves
Just their eyes...
Nothing more.

The army presses on and
Suddenly picks up its pace to
That which is frighteningly rapid
Sapphire looks over his shoulder
At all the others running in terror
While Emerald keeps her eyes forwards
Tensing for what has yet to come.

The army is a wave of hostile grays,
Crimsons and blacks...
But the fear instilled in their presence
Stains the air heated

Emerald takes a step back
Backing into Sapphire, loyally at her aid
The tremors of their mutual fear
Slides down their bodies -
Head to toes -
Are they in an earthquake
Or is their fear the disaster?

The battalion aims their weapons
At the unarmed
Emerald and Sapphire just stand steady
As the rest of the world cowers
No one understands what these two intend to do
Standing and trembling
Perhaps too paralyzed to move?

The first shot fires, exploding the silence
Shattering the air
Striking first Emerald and taking her down
But piercing through her fragile existence
And erupting through Sapphire as well

Their color dims while the stream surrounding grows
The army marches closer
Their own color blending in with the sea
As they struggle to stay alive -
Struggle for the sake of one another...
The army, in their somber unison
Look down upon the dying victims
And aim to put them out of their misery.

But Sapphire will not die this way
And with his last strength
Pulls a gun away and
Destroys part of the army
Drifting away...

The battalion marches on.

The winds become still
Connected to those who lay upon the beds
Of life and instead expire...

But instead of expiration,
They only met a rest
Sleeping soundly and peacefully
Side by side
As what was fated them to be...

Sapphire wakes up first
Gently bringing his arms around Emerald
Remembering the whole ordeal as a nightmare
But unwilling to believe.
He held her protectively and
Closed off his blue from the world.

The battalion marches on...
About face...
To target the living who were supposed to
Supposed to not be...