Be Cut and Heal Again

For the first time
In such a time long
Would such a pain chime
In a duet's teary song.

She sat somewhere alone
With blood along her wrists
And made it blatantly known
She did not want to exist.

And yet he came from nowhere
Looked her in the eyes
Made it obvious how he cares
Wouldn't let her die...

Put on her wrists his hands
Determined to see it through...
Hoping that she'd understand
His love for her was true.

And when she looked on his face
She saw such genuine, delicate tears
Something that seemed so misplaced
But hidden for many years...

He wouldn't let her go this way...
If he had his choice,
He'd have three sweet words to say
With pride upon his voice.

Instead he looked her in the eye
And said, "It's not the end.
It's really hard, but you have to try,
When you're cut, to heal again."