Rough me up
To knock me down
Tell me how you're always right
And say that my brain has long since left...

You crushed the ground I stood on
Broke my legs and kicked me still
I looked up at you
And you gave me a glare of
As if I was an insect
In its dying phase

You're throwing blows
And I can't even defend
When I think the round is over with
You launch more at me with such blinding speed
That I barely have time to collapse
Or time to even cry out my pain
I gasp as the wind escapes me
Fallen as I witness the world grow faint
Blinded by pain and anger
As you pause to catch your own breath...
Prepare to swing again...

I'm beaten, okay?
Your assault has paralyzed me
I'm laying on the ground, whispering for help
Reaching my trembling hand to you
And yet you glare,
And walk away.

My body
All beaten...