The Sitting of A Toaster
By: Pie

A toaster sat upon a counter.
Boy was she bored.
Cakes could not be toaster, her one true love.
Don't ever put a cake in a toaster.
Everything will blow up.
Far into the mountains, the toaster was blown
"Golly!" she thought.
"How far I've flown!"
"I've never been on a mountain before!"
Just then, an oven blew by.
"Keep safe!" he called.
Lemons came next.
More and more appliances and food were hurled past the toaster.
Never in the toaster's life has she seen anything so amazing.
Overhead, she spotted a black helicopter.
"Quick!" the lemon bellowed.
"Run into the cave!"
So, they all ran into the cave and hid.
They had a party in honor of the lemon's brilliance; all having a splendid time.
Until, the helicopter returned.
Vandalizing the cave, all appliances ended upside down! Wow!
Xylophones played morbid music in the background.
"You're all going to die!" the policemen shouted.