My Feelings

Sometimes I feel

It was really wrong

To think that I would belong

In your world

Of crazy lies

Where no one can hear my cries

My cries of pleas

To save me

It took too long

For you to figure

I didn't belong

You left me broken like glass

In my own tears

I should've listen to what they said

They told me you were bad

A broken song

I was gullible to think

I could fix you from being wrong

But no

Your heart could not stay

In one single place

It flew all over

To other girls hearts

Leaving me

Starting a new start

It was like I was invisible

Invisible to you

All the time I was unhappy

I was blue

Without you

It hurt

To see you love other girls

Ignore me and treat me like dirt

I will never see light

I will never be happy

The world is not bright

Without you I am lost

Nobody knows my pain

Nobody will know the cost

Of being alone

It hurts right down to the bone.

 this is my first time writing a poem!

I hope it was ok!!!!