I remember that fateful day

I remember that fateful day

When you took me to your humble abode

I knew I was your princess

And you, my toad

Upon leaving the house

I gave you a kiss

Just one on the cheek

Even that was bliss

I called you the next day

But you didn't answer

I called your cell phone

Your mom said you had cancer

I raced to the hospital

As fast as I could

I walked into your room

And lowered my hood

You were dying

That I could see

The doctors said you have a week

But to save you, there'd be a hefty fee

For six days and nights

I raised money for you

So you could get better

But that was all I could do

I ran to the hospital

To tell you the news

You smiled in triumph

And said "We can't lose!"

I hugged you

And kissed you on the lips

And you grabbed me

Right around the hips

We stayed like that

For more than an hour

And I prayed, dear god

That I gave you power

And then just like that

You died in my arms

Yet I still remember

Your charms

And I remember that fateful day

When you died, my toad

And the princess walked alone

To her own lonely abode