Catch and Release

Puzzled questions in her eye,
Her heart is without peace.
Constantly she is asking why
She has played catch and release.

There is one who owns her heart
But keeps it far at bay.
And the distant is the start
That chases her far away.

There is another who is so dear
Has never ceased to care.
And no matter where she calls "here"
She turns... and he is there.

So many unanswered questions
Rests within this hurting soul.
Is she suffering deception,
And could she be consoled?

Wants the one that she had first
But distance has made him lost.
Each silent day has made it worse
And time is taking its cost.

And would he try to comprehend
If she said goodbye?
Would he let it just be the end
Or force it not to die?

She's learning every single day
That she can make it on her own.
Someday soon she'll just walk away
Her love for him to remain unknown.

She's never been one to turn her back;
Always there to see it through.
But when the emotion is fully lacked,
There's nothing more she can do.

She loves him with such power so
But will stand on the side no more.
Hates that she is ready to go...
To release the one she once adored.