Closing Down

Go, now.
Let you drift.
See how
It comes so swift?

Tick away time
Until it's closing down.
Exhausted voices chime
Throughout the busy town.

Look away;
Don't let it be.
Bodies sway;
Don't you see?

Soft, painful shudders
Jolting to the core
The heaviness just hovers
Until there is no more.

You're wrong.
And you still deny.
Too long;
The brain will die.

Mirrors can't reflect
In an atmosphere of haze.
Mirrors can't inspect
When the brain is in a daze.

Not right
To suffer miserably.
Just fight
To lose it instantly.

Continue on with neglect,
But know of all the signs.
The body becomes of defect
After suffering decline.

Let pass
Refusal to simply yield.
Come fast
Recovery's feathered shield.