At the point of our deepest betrayal, when we had run our farthest from him and gotten so lost we could never find our way home, God came and died to rescue us.
You have never been loved like this.

-John Eldredge

You run from me, but I pursue

Each step you take, I'm there with you

...My heart for you burns with desire

...An all-consuming, lover's fire

My wayward bride I'll ever woo

All-powerful, Creator too

But all my thoughts come back to you

...Though my creations you admire

You run from me

As madness in this world ensues

My open arms will comfort you

...And finally you will inquire

...Who's love your brokenness inspired

At last this savior's dreams come true

You run to me

A/N: Yet again, fictionpress destroyed my formatting. This is a rondeau, a french (I think) form poem. The (...) is supposed to be indented. The italicized refrain should be indented twice. ...just in case you care.