Kyle wasn't sure whether he was angry or just shocked. She had said they – "they're here," which meant that she knew, even though she was only looking at one body, that there were two people in front of her. Kyle didn't see any reason that she should know that unless… His thoughts were cut off when Owen muttered, "I told you so."

"Well, come in," the girl who'd opened the door said happily, moving out of the way so that Kyle and Owen could enter the house. However conventional it had looked on the outside, it was the exact opposite on the inside. The wallpaper was old-fashioned and peeling in places, the room (it appeared to be the living room, but Kyle couldn't quite be sure) was cluttered with what could only be called junk, and even though there was sunlight filtering through the thin curtains, the whole area seemed dark and dusty. It looked, if Kyle was perfectly honest with himself, exactly like the kind of place where he would expect witches to live. If he believed in witches. But as much as he disliked the idea of believing such a thing, more and more he was beginning to realize that he had no other choice.

"My name's Rosella," the girl who opened the door for them said suddenly, sticking her hand out for one of them to shake. Kyle reached out first and even though technically it was the same hand, Kyle saw and felt that Owen did the same afterwards. Then Kyle realized how ridiculous it was for them to being shaking the hand of one of the people who was responsible for doing this to them. He was just about to speak his opinion when he heard footsteps on the stairs and looked up to see the other two sisters bounding toward them. One looked almost exactly the same as Rosella, except for the fact that her eyes may have been slightly rounder, but the other was clearly a bit older. Unlike her sisters, who both had dark hair, the oldest girl was fairer-skinned and had hair that was kind of reddish blonde.

"I'm Esmeralda," said the blonde with a slightly deeper, but still sweet, voice. She didn't offer her hand, but rather watched Kyle (and Owen, he supposed) with a knowing glint in her eye.

"And I'm Lucile," said the other twin, giggling a little.

Kyle noted their strange names and was just about to say something when Esmeralda spoke. "I assume you want to know what's going on?"

Owen nodded and Kyle said, "That's exactly what we want to know," before Lucile interrupted him.

"Well, let's get some tea, then. Go on, make yourselves comfortable." The three of them left quickly, hurrying through the living room and toward the back of the house where there must have been a kitchen.

"Tea?" Owen said grumpily. "I just want them to fix whatever's wrong with us and get the hell out of here."

"I don't even like tea," Kyle grumbled. Nevertheless, he and Owen moved through the piles of clutter to get to a dusty-looking couch. Kyle sat down tentatively, only for Owen to spring up again. "What are you doing?" Kyle whispered to him angrily.

"I'm not sitting there, it's disgusting."

"What do you care? It's my body."

"Yeah, but I have to live in it." Kyle was not in the mood to deal with this again, so, trying to regain the control he'd had earlier in his room, he sat forcefully down on the dusty furniture and concentrated on holding still the part of him that was actually Owen. It worked and Owen just crossed his arms huffily.

A moment later, the sisters were bouncing cheerily back into the room, each holding a small cup of tea. Rosella held two, one of which she placed in front of Kyle and Owen. They each moved to occupy various chairs that were around the coffee table, so that they formed a sort of semi-circle around Kyle and Owen. For a while they just sat there, sipping their tea and staring excitedly, as if the boys were an experiment that had gone surprisingly well. The thought made Kyle feel slightly ill, and he noticed that Owen was reaching self-consciously for the cup of tea. Kyle jerked their hand back, causing Owen to let out a sound of frustration. "Kyle, you're already forcing me to sit on this disgusting…thing, just let me drink the damn tea!"

"I told you," Kyle said, still a bit unsettled by the fact that both arguments were coming from his own mouth, "I don't like tea."

"Well, I do," Owen said and managed to throw off Kyle's control for just long enough to grab the cup and take a sip. The sisters seemed to find all of this terribly amusing. They were all giggling heartily. Kyle and Owen finally managed to agree on something – they glared angrily.

"What did you do to us?" Kyle eventually managed to grit out through the teeth that Owen was pressing together.

"Obviously, as you've discovered, we put the two of you in the same body," Esmeralda said calmly.

"But, how? Why?"

"Surely you've heard the rumors about us."

"You're witches?"

Esmeralda shrugged. "For lack of a better term, I suppose you could call us witches. We do have control over certain elements that are outside the norm, and we like to help people out when we can."

"Help?" Owen choked out. "Help? How are you helping me by sticking me in his body?"

"Oh, don't worry, love – you'll get your turn," the twin who Kyle was pretty sure was Lucile said.

"What do you mean?"

This time it was Rosella who answered. "Every other day, you'll switch bodies. Today, you're in Kyle's body, so tomorrow you'll both be in Owen's. That's how the spell works."

"Tomorrow? Every other day? You can't keep us like this! You have to fix us right now!"

Lucile shook her head, looking far too pleased with the whole situation. "That isn't how it works. We don't change you back until you learn to get along with each other."

"But that will never happen!"

"You'd be surprised," Esmeralda said. "As for why we did it, we saw the two of you fighting in the hall yesterday, and since it's officially summer vacation, we figured now is the perfect to try this one out." Kyle groaned, realizing that his experiment theory had been correct.

"What about our parents?" Owen asked, a slight edge of hysteria creeping into his voice now. "Don't you think they'll notice if, every other day, one of us isn't home at all?"

"You'll have to work together to figure out what to do about that," Rosella said.

"What about your parents?" Kyle asked bitterly. "I find it hard to believe they just let the three of you run around, casting spells on innocent people."

"They're in Guatemala, looking for rare potion ingredients," Lucile offered merrily. She reminded Kyle of a chirping little bird.

"This cannot be happening," Owen said. But it was, and there didn't seem to be anything that either of them could do about it. It was quiet for a moment and then Owen apparently got curious, because he asked, "Why did we wake up in the park?"

"That must have been exactly half way between where you each fell asleep."

"Will that happen every morning?"

"No," Esmeralda said. "From now on you'll wake up wherever you go to sleep."

"Wait a minute," Kyle said. "So, tonight we'll look like me, so we'll have to go to sleep in my bed." He felt Owen shudder dramatically. "But when we wake up the next morning, we'll look like Owen?" The sisters nodded. "So, if my parents happen to come check on me in the morning, they're going to find Owen in my bed." Their faces fell a little at his implications. "And on the other days, no one is going to be there, because we'll be in Owen's bed, looking like me."

None of them looked quite as cheerful now. It was clear that they hadn't really thought about their plan very much before putting it into action. They were even beginning to look a little guilty. In the moment's distraction, Owen managed to sneak another sip of the tea. Kyle glared and forced him to put the cup back on the table.

"Well…" Rosella began. "I guess you'll just have to work something out. Maybe, if they start to get suspicious, you can come back to see us and we'll do our best, but…"

"But what?"

"The spell really isn't supposed to be broken until it's done its job," Esmeralda said tentatively now. "We may not be able to reverse it until the two of you learn to get along."

Kyle was walking a thin line between weariness and being so angry that he couldn't see straight. He had half a mind to strangle all three of them, but then they might never get out of this mess.

"I have one more question," Owen said suddenly. "When we woke up in the park, I could hear Kyle thinking."

"Yeah, and I heard Owen," Kyle agreed.

Owen continued. "So can we, like…hear each other's thoughts?"

Rosella looked pleased to be moving on with the conversation. "You'll be able to hear each other thinking if you want to. Technically, you're sharing a brain now, although you can remain separate if you choose to do so. So if you want to communicate without speaking out loud, you can – it helps when you're in public, so that people aren't always looking at you like you're crazy." She laughed and stopped abruptly at the look on Kyle and Owen's face. "And sometimes…" she trailed off, obviously not looking forward to the reaction she might get from her next statement, "if you're too tired to control your thoughts properly, you may be able to hear each other then, too."

"Great," Owen and Kyle said together. Now, not only did they have to share their bodies, houses, and beds, they also had to share their minds.