Auto Biography, Certainly!

A girl was born on December 9, 1462 BC. Boy, was the world happy. Cradled in her mother's arms, little Kelly dreamed of getting to Earth, someday. During her planing, she realized something quite interesting. English was a language she needed to learn if she ever wanted to go to Earth. Forget learning how to walk and talk in her native language, little Kelly immediately began to learn English. Growing up, her dreams of Earth still seemed far off. "How can I get there?" she wondered. "I simply must find a way!" Joking around was one of Kelly's many talents, so no one took her seriously. Kelly indignantly replied to everyone that didn't believe her, "I am so going to Earth!" Laughing, the person would walk away, shaking their head. Many moons past before she finally found a way. Never had she thought it would be as simple as this! "Of course! Perfect!" she thought, wiring up her bicycle to fly in space. "Quite easy, actually!" Ready for take off, Kelly waved goodbye to everyone she knew and set off for Earth. So, when she arrived on the planet, she believed everything would be just perfect. Tough luck. Until reaching Earth, Kelly never realized how much she truly loved being alien. Vanishing was her first excitement at reaching Earth, with remorse left instead. Why did this have to happen to her; couldn't she just be happy? Xavier, her best friend, warned her that this would happen. "You idiot," Kelly thought to herself, "why don't you just act normally on Earth, and say you're an alien; no one will believe you!" Zany Kelly did just that, and no one believes her story to this very day.