Cursed Deception

Stood up and come
Face to face
With what appears to be
A curse of constant deception
Facial, verbal, action...

Cursed deception.
Death be the final solution.

Not in death of end of life,
No -
Death within the confines of a heart
When the curse turns it black
Inside and out
Wringing the life out of it
And its victims...

It starts in the hearts
Of all involved

The heart is the weakest of all the shields
Easiest to target
Easier to eliminate

Just find someone who opens the door
Stands before you emotionally naked
Letting you
Have your ways...

Stare it down
You cannot falter
By then the deception has
Twisted your heart
And in turn
Allows you to twist another.

This is cursed deception.
Eventually, all will fall
But deception itself...

As you deceive yourself into believing
You don't care.
You don't hurt.
Your heart isn't torn,
Nor is anyone else's.

Death by deception:
Coming soon to a heart near you...