All an accident.
And yet, here I stand
With this blade in my hand
With thick crimson streams
Pooling at my feet while I stare down
And I ask myself,
"Did I do this?"

I feel my eyes bleeding
Only to remind myself that they are tears...
The crystals of my eyes
Combine with the crimson upon the earth
And I'm staring at the rubies
Created by this...

I drop the blade
And drop to my knees
Gripping the liquid rubies in
Trembling hands
Blinded by a constant flow
Of the soul escaping my body and
Exiting through my eyes...
I must be in insanity...
Grasping at imaginary gems within a pond...

I apologize in my mind
But vocally I am unsure of
For I am stricken deaf by silence and
The noise of my shaky collapse
I apologize and then I plead
I plead that you'll wake up...
Wake up, please...

The blade shines silver
An island in a thick red sea
Attracting my blinded vision to turn
Tempting my crazed mind to believe...

I apologize again
Gripping the blade in my hand
I turn and say, "I'm sorry.
One day we'll understand."
But even then, I can no longer believe myself
Even then, I'm dying inside...

The blade's icy rage
Shines ominously as I stare at it from afar
Arm's length is all it takes
And I can end this all...
But no.
You've stopped me.

I've done this to you, and you stop me.
You beg me to reconsider
You beg me to save myself
You're pleading and crying while I'm
Seeing you dying
And yet you still ask me to stay...
I'm trembling.
You're smiling.
The air whispers by softly
Passing along messages that neither you and I comprehend...

And I collapse.
Into your weakened arms I fall
And you catch me, gently as ever...
You're whispering to me
Ensuring me that it's okay...
Forgetting yourself...
Forgetting that you are in more need than I...

I close my eyes and shiver from the heat
Burning within
Burning without
Consuming everything around...
And then I hear your voice amongst the trees
Gently smiling,
"Open your eyes, my love...
In your sleep I hear you scream.
Open your eyes, my love...
Let me save you from this bad dream."