Drowning in a Sea of Flowers

Somewhere in a rainbow ocean
The rain begins to fall,
A quiet storm put into motion
In the midst of colors all.

In the middle of a clouded day
The flowers are painted bright
Where all of us are meant to stay
Upon taking final flight.

Passionate reds and smiling yellows,
Fiery oranges and delicate pinks.
But brightened colors make one mellow
And brings reminders for us to think.

Staring into the joyous hues
That blanket all the beds
Can turn it all to greys and blues
Of a somber world instead.

There is no one who can smile
When they see this little place:
A garden expanding just a mile,
Causing many a teary face.

And yet there is such legacy
Upon each little stone
And yet there is such looming misery
By which the flowers grown.

Somewhere in the outskirts of town
A bell tolls for six hours.
Somewhere there is a soul who drowns
Within this sea of flowers.