End of an Era

Tensions mounting.

There is evil in the atmosphere.

There are flames within

The eyes of stony green

Stalking a victim within

A facility of drunken happiness.

Pull her out

Into the darkest crevices between


Flaming blue, menacing and demonic...

Rip her away from her unknown love.

She stands no chance...

He sees what he is unallowed to witness

Unaware of his own potential

To be the wielder of a force

Beyond the means of mortal


In the darkness of this evil night

He watches her abused,




But there's not a thing he can do

Except feel violently ill inside.

Heart shatters

Courage grows.

Take the amethyst blade upon his hand

Let the force consume.

In the darkness of this evil night,

The era of innocence is destroyed...

The era of war begins.

War against demonic souls

Flames licking bones of those long dead

Walking upon the lands again...

Strike them down.

War against a state of mind

Warping and distorted right and wrong

Makes him love a wild rogue...

Take her hand.

Hell has raged upon the earth...

An era has come to an end.