Once upon a beautiful time,
There was two spirits that entwined
To one.

Once upon a horrid time,
Something went wrong within.

Once upon a mournful time,
The funeral bells began to toll.
Not for an expired life
In form of a solitary human,

The funeral bells of this
Fairy Tale
They toll not for me,
But for us,
As a plague has slowly plunged
Straight into the ground.

Once upon a time,
We breathed in rhythm,
Our heartbeats were the same.
You hurt when I hurt,
And the world knew both our names.

We used to be the definition
Of what love's purest form was to be.
But now,
Oh now...
It's troubled

So troubled...

Once upon a time,
I asked of you,
A small but daunting request.
"Show me love,
Show me how you feel,
And to you, I'll show it back my best."

Once upon a time
This was a fairy tale of
Happily ever after.
My only hope is maybe
It will be that way in a matter
Of chapters.