I thought of you this evening
As I contemplated
As I reached for the source that would take me away
I thought of you again and whispered
Farewell, my love,

Please don't think that
I suffered in my final moments
For my soul was with you
I saw you there
I heard you whispering
I felt your arms holding me
As I closed my eyes that one last time...

I saw your eyes and how they began to bleed
I felt the trembles you tried to suppress
I heard you begging me please don't go
All I could do was look at you
And ask
That you be sincere with me
To stop holding back your pain
Your tears and your anger
I wanted to see your sincerity...

See it one last time...

And as I closed my eyes
I heard you cry my name, but you were much too late
I felt you shake me as if to stir
My life into revival
And when you knew for certain that I would not come back
I felt your misery
As each raindrop from your eye
Fell softly against the side of my face
And yet I still slept...

And softly you laid me down
Collapsed atop me and cried until your flood was
Merely a drought
And then you rose and found the evil device
That took me away from you
And you gripped it in a trembling hand
Unable to convince yourself that I'd wake up again

You closed your eyes
Inhaled deeply one last time...
And then you stopped.

You opened your eyes to look longingly at me
As if you were afraid we may would not meet
With a look up to the sky
You took that weapon
And with that, you died

You collapsed at my side
Your head gently resting against my chest
No further evidence could ever prove
That beside each other
Was always meant to be our destiny

So sleep, my love, sleep peacefully now
You and I are safe again
To be together, just as fate described
Forever is our home.