Four Years in Seven

In younger years,
We become excited
For those seven years

When we start the
Seven years,
We are told of four
That are supposedly

The best of our lives.
And we are deceived,
For they tell us this
To try and protect us

From what actually comes
Of it. But then it arrives
And we're overwhelmed.
These four years...

There's too much to try
And do! There's too much
To try and handle! Why
Are we lied to about this?

I know I've hated these
Three years. But I have
One more to suffer.
I know that I can, but

Sometimes I would rather
Hide from it instead.
I'm overwhelmed --
I'm a point in a triangle,

I'm watching the population
Around me flaring up in
Horrible, rebellious actions
That sometimes brings casualties.

My army around me was already
Small to begin with, but I
Have found traitors along the
Way that I had to eliminate.

It was not easy. And the few
I had not yet seen fed me lies
That I had believed, but then I
Saw the truth. And my deception

Floods me with flames
That I need not to expend
On these liars that so tried
To ruin my life.

But they did not! I still
Stand, but I am scarred.
I am bruised. I am cut.
I am torn. I want help,

But only from he who I can
Trust. There are two left
On my team besides me.
And I hope that they can

Stay at my side. A single
Person trying to battle
Something this powerful
Is she who perishes next.

Don't let her fall to the
Evils around her.
Don't let her fall under the
Waves of disaster and drown.

It's overwhelming and scary
To put together so many
Pieces of a puzzle that
Constantly changes,

Day in
And day out.
And today she has
Fallen, injured

And surrounded.
She was in the enemy's
Grounds and was taken over.
She's imprisoned in

This horrible place
And she calls to her
Back up. She waits for them
To arrive and save her.

And they do. She feels
Grateful, and with a
Tired smile, she presses on
With hopes that they'll

Always be there. But she
Watched the deaths of the
Others around her,
Falling through the cracks

In the ground that came
With all of this pressure
To be a part of the bigger
Picture. She watched others

Drown in the temptations
That were too good to ever
Be true. She watched them
Dwindle so quickly...

And they come for her and
Her accomplices. They mustn't
Fall like the others...
Are they the only

Good left in this twisted
World? And if they are,
Can they stay alive
When these odds stay against them?