Frightening Second World

Be careful when you travel! I want you to know
That there is a dangerous place, and if you go --
I've been before and I want you to be aware --
You can be killed for thoughts or words that flow...

Outside is a much better place...
Look upon the seriousness on my face.
Inside, oh no, don't go there...
I'd rather not you venture to that place.

Outside, I do not fear, you see.
But Inside, how it frightens me...
To know that I could never come back
When I pass beyond the tired tree

That drapes itself upon the ground --
It blocks the light, it blocks the sound
All these things that Inside lack...
I stay Outside when you're around.

But sometimes, I am pulled away --
Inside demands me to forever stay
Within it, and even if I tell it no
It drags me into night from day!

And then I'm lost. Stuck in this trap
And you can hear fragile things snap...
When this happens, I'd wish you go
When I feel this blackness start to wrap

Around me, I feel so much hate
Into me flood, beat, and grate!
I can't leave it! I can't escape!
I'll never leave this horrid state!

If I try to speak, my words are suppressed,
If I try to explain what I am not to express,
Blackness comes and puts a frightening drape
Over these thoughts that I possess.

I'm so scared when I stagger blind!
I call and reach out, but cannot find
Anything! But why is this? Why
Am I not in anyone's mind?

I want back my sight!
I want to go back to the right
World! And yet, no matter how I try
I'm forever battling a losing fight...

I find myself stuck with two decisions:
Do I call you back? Do I force your vision
To see this horrible place? Do I make
You travel beyond the division

Where you stand in safety?
Instead, I give you this key
And a charm. I hope that you will take
It... And always remember me.