From the Ledge We Fall

From the ledge
We now both fall
Broken from a crumbled edge
A double death being stalled.

I hung on to you tight
As you clung to the side.
Our eyes lock a temporary sight,
Then you... you turn to hide.

I fall through space now rapidly,
Smiling at my death.
I'll hit the ground violently,
And shatter my final breath.

You never let the ledge go
You watch me fall away.
Deep down inside, you suddenly know
The pain, you cannot sway.

And finally you cry for me
And the loss you have received.
Finally, you are able to see
What happens when you deceive.

You now sit here all alone
With a murder on your hands.
Your eyes begin to madly roam
Across the barren lands

Denying to nobody
That you are not to blame
Crying out hysterically
Screaming out my name.

To you, no longer I exist
I'm but a painful memory
When I took my life, I dared to insist
You see what you did to me.

To the brink of ultimate pain
I dare you now to sink
Only when your eyes pour with rain
Will I ever dare to think

That in your heart
There's a piece that cares
For the girl that tried to depart
From the pain that keeps her there.

You stand alone upon the ledge
My name you dare to call.
You run and jump from that edge
And to your death you fall.