Gone away.
Won't be turning back.
Can't make me sway.
Tired of this awful track.

Gonna be your punching bag
Gonna be your pawn.
Too bad you hit this snag,
The anger in me you spawn.

Don't want your smiles
Don't want your games
Don't want the damn miles
Don't want the stupid names.

There is no friend
In this dictionary definition
Broken at the bend
Is the final description.

Take your joy
Take your laughter
With me, no longer toy,
And hang it off a rafter.

No more damning my head
To thoughts of trickery.
No more. We are dead.
I want no more mockery.

I cause you no pain
You cause me such grief.
Don't bother to explain,
Just give me my relief.

Walk out the door,
So I can change this lock.
I want you in my house no more.
Is that so big a shock?

Empty promises of hanging
Around at my side.
Stop with the lies dangling
And admit that this has died.