Hallucination Nightmare

Gone to sleep
He hopes to recover
Recharge himself for the days to come.
He closes his gentle eyes
And settles in
His mind drifting over
A placid sea of images
It won't be long that this boy
Will be dreaming...

His dream eyes open
In a small black box and
Begin to panic;
Begin to search for a way out
And there is no way
He puts a hand on the wall
And the wall quivers
Sliding towards him
Pushing him back
Against the other wall closing in
And everything spirals in a frightening
Dark void...

He calls her name
While screaming at himself to
Wake from this
But he won't...
He just keeps dreaming...
Just keeps viewing...

He calls for her again
Answered by his voice echoes
Bouncing off the walls...
The walls have stopped caving
And he's in a space just large enough
For him to stand in...
No room to move...
No room to turn...

He wonders if this is
A symbol of news he wishes not to hear
He's pleading now as he screams her name
His chest is running short of capacity
Is he strangling himself this way?

And then he's answered.
Answered with nothing.
Now he knows.
The owner of the name is gone...
And he's trapped within the casket
Of heartbreak and denial...

Like the walls, the boy caves in
Screaming her name
Unwilling to believe...
The walls keep coming in to him
Binding him into frightened paralysis
As the voices around him
That come from nowhere
"She's gone...
Oh, but she is gone..."

He's denying these voices
Unsuccessfully blocking them out of his mind
Though denying, somewhat believing
Mental turbulence
His sea is rocking violently
Pushing and shoving him along the lines
Of nightmares and horrific hallucinations
He feels mentally
Emotionally ill
The tears are streaming uncontrollably down
His beautiful face -
Once beautiful, now distorted...

In a broken voice
Shattered by his breaking soul
He asks softly one last time for her
And is greeted with silence.
The darkness releases its grip gently
But leaves him company
As he collapses to his knees
The tears flooding the world around him
Cold with pain...
His heart lays in pieces before him
Floating away in the crystal river...

He's then sitting up
Breathing heavily
Eyes widened
Head frantically looking about the room
He's okay...
Yes, he's okay...
But is she?
Unconsciously he calls her name again...
There is no answer.
He cries again, silently
Frightened by this hallucination...

There is no possible way he could ever
Picture a world
In which
He calls her name
And her voice doesn't return back in answer...

No possible way he could ever
Feel a world
In which
He holds out his arms
And she doesn't take him in...

No possible way he could ever

And so he cries.
Cries for her.
Cries for himself.
Cries for fear.
And cries for uncertainty.