Hatred's Cause

Stare straight ahead
Remorseless is my name
Staring down at those now dead
From causing me such shame.

He tore it out
And tossed it aside
Careless, he was
For that, he had to die.

She played into his game
She knew what would occur
Heartless, she was
And death came to her.

I'd had enough of all the games.
I'd had enough of all the pain.
I came to hate your fucking names,
And now the sky, your blood will rain.

Hatred's cause,
You are to blame.
Hatred's cause,
You played me for a game.

Don't beg me to show remorse
Or plead that I don't do this.
You'll make your situation worse.
Your voice, I can't say I'll ever miss.

Break my heart
I end your life.
From the world you will depart
From your heart meeting my knife.

I will watch you die,
I will not regret a bit.
I will not scream, nor will I cry
For you treated me like shit.

The services are oh-so sad.
I'll smile beyond your grave.
For the last time you drove me mad,
No longer could your life be saved.