Cloudy drops dare to fall
Above an open grave
A name a weak voice calls
A name he couldn't save.

The sky was mourning gray
And his being was surreal
Couldn't keep the pain at bay
Couldn't make his body feel.

And from the sky a single tear
He fell upon his knees
Reflections back on former years
As the air echoed with his pleas.

Laying down but couldn't sleep
Staring into the air
Holding on but couldn't keep
Her presence laying there.

Took a hit to the heart.
Laying there, he cried.
Wishing they were never apart
But knowing that she'd died.

And from the air a voice
Calls sweetly aloud his name
Words flowing without his choice
Professing all his blame

A girl of satin white
And eyes of saddened green
Stood before him, shining bright
For all the world to see.

He reached for her hand
To bring her to his side
But couldn't seem to understand
No matter how he tried

Because she was an illusion
She couldn't move at all.
In all of his confusion...
He'd forgotten the tragic fall.

Blinking through vision unclear
Tears running along his face
The girl slowly disappeared
Leaving him with empty space.

He threw himself to the floor
And lost his weakened mind
Couldn't handle any more
With his sanity in such a bind.

The voice called again
While he robbed himself of air
Forced himself to meet his end
So he could go be there.

He shuddered and began to choke
But stole away his final breath
The haunting of a heart so broke
Led him to his death.

And in the mists of the rain
These souls now dance and play
Victims of a love so insane
It'd take them both one day.